With over 30 years of design/manufacturing experience, Drift Dry USA produces innovative tactical and survival products for defense, public safety and outdoor adventure markets. Whether your mission is hazardous, life threatening, or a personal extreme adventure, Drift Dry USA products are in a class by themselves. With both national and international production facilities, Drift Dry USA designs, constructs and manufactures its prototypes and products from the finest materials made in the USA. Materials for all your tactical or personal extreme outdoor adventure travel needs. Our daily mission is to assist you with the most reliable, functional, comfortable, tactical and adventure gear available today.

The Drift Dry USA team is made up of patriotic, cutting-edge thinkers and adventurers that are serious about diving, water sports, hiking, surfing, hunting, climbing, survival and winter sports. Our innovative designs and constant refinement of our products will redefine your tactical or outdoor adventure needs.
















CEO and Design Engineer

Mr. Garcia began his fabrication and nylon product design career originally in the diving industry. Becoming an award winning innovative designer/manufacturer for many of the best known SCUBA diving companies in North America and worldwide, before branching into his own innovative product lines for military and tactical special operations equipment, public safety and rescue survival equipment. Martin is a passionate scuba diver, and transnational road warrior.