M.E.F. Vest

Manual: DD-300-XX
Electronic: DD-301-XX

Pricing Coming Soon

The Maritime Emergency Flotation (MEF) vest is designed to provide emergency floatation for Military, LEOs, and first responder personnel wearing body armor, chest rigs or other bulky uniforms during water infiltrations, boat operations or any activities that put you on or near water wearing tactical gear. It can be worn as a standalone device or attached to your chest rig using Molle connectors set up to fastex on and off your gear. Either way it only takes seconds to put on and take off. It can be auto inflated by pulling the CO2 cartridge activation cord or orally inflated. Using a 38 gram 1⁄2 inch thread cartridge it provides for approximately 50lbs of lift tested in a 10ft deep pool, fair weather conditions. Lift will vary depending on temperature, depth, type of gear and how gear is packed. Designed to float you head facing up, it will turn the body when face down as it brings you to the surface. This vest is a tactical floatation device built and designed with tactical considerations in mind and not designed specifically to be a traditional life saving vest. It is designed to provide emergency floatation during tactical operations and training on or around water.

Accommodates the Oceanic Safety Systems auto activator, designed for drowning prevention. This activator soon to come on the market, operates in a dual sensor mode. One sensor sets to depth up to within inches of the surface, the other sensor sets to time at depth settings you select). The dual sensors can work together or separately by turning them off or on and there is a manual fail safe activation cord.


*DD-301-XX: MEF Vest with Electronic Depth/Water/Time Activator
*DD-300-XX: MEF Vest with Manual/Water Activated Activator



Materials: 70 denier Ripstop Nylon

Bladder: Double urethane coated 200 denier nylon

Manual Detonator: 840 1⁄2 inch thread Halkey Roberts 38 gram 1/2″ CO2 cartridge

Oral inflator: 800 ROL Oral Inflation Valve Halkey Roberts

Overpressure valve: ABS Plastic with 2.5” stainless steal spring

Weight with cartridge: 1.9lbs

Military Spec. #69 Nylon thread on Outer Liner


100% USA Made

BERRY Compliant

Oral inflator

Pull cord activator

Manual auto inflator CO2

Chest-strap Connectors (enables the rig to be worn free of gear or over your gear without attaching it to your gear)

Auto activator compartment

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Coyote Brown Otter Coyote Brown Otter