Amphibious Ruck*


Patent Pending*



This 100% USA made Amphibious/Dive-able Ruck gear transport backpack has a reliable and durable Triple Protection System (TPS) which includes

1. A puncture resistant 1000D drawstring inner core liner.
2. A heavy duty radio frequency RF welded seam dry core compartment.
3. A 1000 D protective outer shell backpack.

The heavy duty radio frequency RF welded inner dry core compartment seams are constructed by an RF welded bond which fuses the two highly specialized urethane coated materials together on a molecular level. This RF welding process virtually creates one material out of two. RF welding is a more refined, durable and reliable process than sewing and messy glueing which leaves perforation holes and strength inconsistencies in the seams that can cause potential leaks and failure points.

The protective outer shell backpack feature highlights include an integrated pull cord weight ditch system with outside zipper loading access, 6 cubic ft pony bottle holster, and man/power inflator with 11 inch corrugated hose for max buoyancy control.


Dimensions: 25″H x 14″W x 10″D (63.5cm x 35.6cm x 25.4cm)

Weight: 2.86lbs (1.3kg)

Volume: 3500 in3 (57L)

Primary Material: Cordura 1000D nylon

Internal Material: Texturized 420D Double-coated with Urethane


Patent Pending Design

6 cubic ft pony bottle holster.

Mil-Spec Acetal resin polymer D rings and buckles

Heavy duty RF welded reinforcement attachment gaskets for power inflator and manual pull/overpressure valve.

Extra reinforced RF welded gasket ring built into the overpressure/manual pull cord valve connection point and power inflator control holder.

Two extra reinforced bar-tacked and RF welded C550 nylon cord attachment ties to secure the inner dry core compartment to the base of the outer protective shell pack

Two double stitched C550 nylon cord attachment ties at bottom of outer protective backpack to connect the inner dry core to the protective outer shell pack

Double stitched reinforced edge(bias) trim folded in and sewn at all compartments, pockets and stress points for added strength.

Nylon monofilament weight ditch pull cords.

Double stitched seams and webbing base reinforcements built into #10 zipper construction on protective outer shell primary compartment for added strength.

Low MU #10 nylon molded dry waterproof zipper provides easy access to inner dry core.

Extra thick closed cell padding on shoulder and lumbar. Open cell cummerbund allows padding to contour around waist without resistance.

2″ quick release primary waist buckle and webbing for optimal strength and dexterity.

Adjustable quick release shoulder straps and sternum strap.

Additional shoulder fit and waist size adjustment buckles.

1″ D nylon ring on each shoulder strap

Two exterior 1″ webbing compression straps with guides on each side and adjustable buckles.

Heavy duty 2″ black powder coated Stainless Steel lift ring attached with extra reinforced 2″ webbing and stitching.

#10 zipper on primary outer shell compartment.

Exterior pocket with integrated Plastomere plate and 3 drainage grommets at bottom and one on each side.

Two covered 6″ X 3.5″ heavy duty nylon mesh lining drainage holes at each side on the bottom protective shell pack for max drainage.

#10 zipper for outside access to weight pouch.

Weight pouch monofilament quick release cable pull cords with handle.