Surge Sack

Parana 30: DD-116-XX*
Pechora 25: DD-117-XX*



Drift Dry’s Surge Sack is a line of splash proof bags that will help you to keep all of your valuables dry from rain, while boating or any other water-based activities. The bags are made from rip-stop fabric, made/sourced in the USA, soft-hand coated with polyurethane. All seams are hermetically sealed with urethane tape to cover all needle holes. This process ensures and reinforces all sewing seams and stops water from entering the bag. (Not Submersible) Four folds of the top is the minimum suggested for securing top opening from water splashes.



Parana: *DD-116-XX

Capacity: 2400 in3 (30L)

Dimensions: 15″x 12″ (38.1cm x 30.5cm)

Weight: .50 lbs (1.1kg)

Materials: Rip-stop Urethane Coated

Pechora: *DD-117-XX

Capacity: 2200 in3 (25L)

Dimensions: 15″x 10″ (38.1cm x 25.4cm)

Weight: .50 lb (1.1kg)

Materials: Rip-stop Urethane Coated