water • proof; adjective;  

~water; a transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen covering approximately 75% of the Earth’s surface.
~proof; 1: able to withstand; 2: impenetrable, impervious, or invulnerable:

At Drift Dry USA, like our competitors, we have a firm grasp of the word water. We understand it as much as it is a part of our biological make up. But, when you move to the word “proof” is when Drift Dry USA and our competitors part ways. They prefer the first definition, “able to withstand,” which is okay … if you like second best. We at Drift Dry USA are committed to the 2nd definition of proof; “impenetrable, impervious, or invulnerable.”

Unlike our competitor’s, when we say waterproof, we actually mean waterproof. Not water resistant “waterproof,” not raining “waterproof,” not downpour “waterproof”, not 10 minutes @ 1 foot under-the-surface “waterproof.” Our bags are all these things before we even start making them better than our competitors. When we say waterproof, we mean water-PROOF … and dustPROOF, airPROOF, sandPROOF, rainPROOF, etc. … impenetrable, impervious, and invulnerable.